Identify Technology on Websites using Wappalyzer

If you are a blogger and want to explore the technology of others’ blog or website, then Wappalyzer browser extension can be useful for you.

Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility tool that detects and displays the technology used in blog or website. It explores the content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, web servers, analytics tools and many other things.

Wappalyzer’s free browser extension is available for google chrome and mozilla firefox, when you install it in the web browser, you will be able to check all the technologies used on various websites. This tool is capable of identifying more than 1,262 different web technologies in 66 categories.

When you install Wappalyze extension, it adds an icon near the address bar of the web browser. When you click this icon, Wappalyzer displays information about various technologies, sometimes their versions also.

Wappalyzer Popup Details

Clicking on the name of any technology given in the image above displays some statistics about it, such as the official website, category, the total number of websites that use this technology, the list of the top ten of the website and related technologies etc.

This tool is suitable for bloggers, web developers, testers, and anyone who wants to know about the technology of the website.

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